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Rope Course in Summer Camp
  • How much does camp cost?
    We charge the participants based on the amount of support your child needs to be successful in our program. The current base fee can found on the Registration page. A base fee is set with sliding scale options from there. If a child needs one-on one assistance, the fee will be higher than if the child were able to work alone in small groups. If your child qualifies for ESY services, you will need to contact your school district for more details. CBAP strives to ensure that every child in our program succeeds. If your child needs any additional services we will begin an intake process where we will need to interview you as well as your child's school teacher.
  • How does my child get to and from camp?
    Each classroom has a bus, and there will be someone on the bus for pick-up and drop-off who will be responsible for your child. We are working with Midco on bus routes, and you should be getting a call from them very close to the beginning of CBAP. The week before the start of the program they will do a dry run of the route and call you before Monday with an approximate time. If you do not live within the boundaries of Forest Grove School District, you will be responsible transporting your child to and from school. Please do not drop your children off before 7:50 AM.
  • Is the camp only for students with disabilities?
    CBAP is committed to providing students a creative and enjoyable learning environment during the summer months. We have planned both structured programs and recreational choice activities and are sensitive to every child's needs. If you know anything about the program, you will know that we accept children of all abilities, and we will make whatever adaptations are required.
  • What should my child bring to camp each day?
    It is important your child be prepared for their day and that changes every day. Please refer to your child's class activity schedule and help your child be prepared for the activity they are participating in that day. On swimming days, please have them ready for swimming. If they are going to be outdoors, please be sure they have sunscreen in their backpack, hats, towels, extra clothing etc… You are welcome to send snacks in their backpack as well. We ask that any medication be given to the teacher and not carried by the child.
  • Do I need to pack food for my child?
    Anyone under the age of 18 qualifies for the sack lunches that are provided. If your child has any dietary restrictions or you would prefer your child eat something else, please pack and send a lunch with him or her. We will be serving a BBQ Lunch to all of our participants and staff as a kick-off to summer. Hamburgers and Hot Dogs will be served. We will also end our summer with a BBQ Lunch for all of our Participants. Bring a picnic or sack lunch and join us! We encourage families to come celebrate the end of the year with us!!!!
  • What is your student/staff ratio?
    We have seven classrooms, each set up with a teacher, staff members, and volunteers. The first day of the program we assign each student a buddy. This person will meet your child the first day as they arrive at school, and make sure they make it into the classroom. Our student/staff ratio is 2:1.
  • Where can I donate?
    You may print and complete the Support a Camper donation form and mail it with a check or credit card information to the CBAP office located at 1341 Pacific Ave, Forest Grove, OR 97116. Your contribution will help young adults and children with and without disabilities improve their communication skills and increase their independence... and just have FUN. We appreciate your generosity so much!
  • Who do I call if my child is going to be late or is sick?
    It is important to get your child to camp on time, as many days we will leave the school right away for our community activities. If the class has already left before your child gets there, either your child will miss that day's activities, or you may try to catch up with them. You will be given essential phone numbers to call the first week of CBAP if you need to notify us of an absence or late arrival. Please do not send your child to camp if he or she is sick. If your child will not be coming, please call us and let us know. If we do not receive a call, we will be worried and you will receive a phone call from us to inquire as to your child's whereabouts.

Summer 2024 Dates: 6/24/2024-8/1/2024

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