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Ready To Join The Fun?

Applying is simple. Just follow these 3 steps:

Program Dates

June 25, 2024-August 1,2024
Monday - Thursday, 8:00am to 2:00pm

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Our team reviews your application and will notify you of acceptance by May

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Get ready for CBAP! A full summer of fun awaits!

Program Fees

The base fee is $900 for  CBAP 2023 and is set on a sliding scale based on the amount of support your child needs to be successful in our program.  If a child needs one-on-one assistance, the fee will be higher than if the child were able to work alone in small groups.  If your child qualifies for ESY services, you will need to contact your school district for more details. You will be notified of your exact fee once you have been accepted into the program.   



We try our best to get as many people into the program as possible!  This is dependent on the room in the program as well as our ability to support each child to the extent that they need to thrive in the program. The amount of financial aid we have available is dependent upon the donations we receive which vary each year. If you need financial assistance, please review our SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION

Important Dates

March 18th- Registration opens

April 19th- Registration closes

May- Applicants notified of acceptance 

May- Parent Meeting at Forest Grove School District Office (1728 Main St)  the Grove Room

June 25th- CBAP begins

July- Sandcastle Building Challenge (families welcome)

August 1st- CBAP ends


Do you have a question?

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Summer 2024 Dates: 6/24/2024-8/1/2024

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