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"Every child who joins us at CBAP shines as another example of how it is in our differences and not in our similarities that makes our communities stronger and more whole."



Every summer we give the children you love and believe in an opportunity for a unique summer experience that they may not get anywhere else. Our mission every year is to create an empowering setting where these children, who learn differently, can play and learn in a safe, encouraging way that is responsive to their individual needs. It is in this collective environment that these children thrive as they work on developing their skills, in blooming friendships, and mastering their independence.

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Build Relationships


Community Engagement


Practice Skills

Community Garden

Our hands-on approach is applied throughout each activity to maximize learning opportunities and to provide the students with an engaging and empowering program experience. Participants will partake in our recreational choice activity that promotes student-driven problem solving and teamwork. This activity provides autonomy to participants to choose, organize and implement the activities they are interested in. From decision making to budgeting and ensuring inclusivity, the participants are empowered to design their week.    

Many of our activities have been adapted to meet the needs of youth with all ability levels. From rafting to rock climbing, creative arts and cooking lessons, there's no shortage of fun to be had!  

CBAP is committed to providing an environment that is safe, fun, and nurtures a sense of belonging for each and every participant.


What to Expect

What to Expect

Each session is six weeks long. During this time, participants will engage in activities throughout their community. In any given week, they may find themselves along the rugged coastline learning about the ocean or at the base of Mount Hood enjoying a wildflower hike. Along the way, participants will build relationships, practice teamwork and problem-solving skills, and become aware of the opportunities for them right here in their very own backyard.  

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Meet Caitlyn

"My favorite part of CBAP are the adventures!"

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Summer 2024 Dates: 6/24/2024-8/1/2024

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